1. BILINGUAL EDITION English + Italiano

    412 pages


  2. Introduction

    Ideas from Massimo Osti, the 412 page monograph published by Damiani and four years in the making, is the definitive look at one of the most influential and secretly revered names in Italian fashion history (copied from the high street to high fashion, his garments are the metaphorical skeleton in the closet of many of the world's most famous designer's studios).
    The book tells the story of the so-called "godfather of Sportswear", the man responsible for the brands Stone Island, C.P. Company and Left Hand and inventor of the industry-shifting garment dyeing technique, Raso Gommato and numerous other fabrics still in use today, 20-30 years on; of the intellectual designer who worked from Bologna all his life, inspired as much by the 35000 piece historical garment archive he assembled in his studio as the unique artistic and political ferment of the city throughout the '70s, '80s.
    Written and edited by Osti's wife Daniela Facchinato, with more than 1000 images, including 175 newly photographed individual garments from throughout his career (and more than 200 accessories), never seen before sketches, notes, dyeing tests, fabric samples and interviews and appreciations from not only close collaborators such as Carlo Grazia (right-hand man) and Adriano Caccia (of ITS Artea, principal partner for development of new fabric treatments) but also fashion designers Paul Harvey (Stone Island 1995-2005), Sir Paul Smith, Paolo Zegna, Pier Luigi Loro Piana and Francois Gibaud and legendary magazine editors Franca Sozzani (Vogue Italia) and Ashley Heath (The Face, Arena Homme +), the book offers an extremely wide-spanning look at Osti's achievements and influence, contextualizing the designer as a visionary artist working in numerous different formats.
  3. from graphic designer to fashion innovator

    This first section charts Massimo Osti's progression as a designer through the brands and labels he created, from the beginnings with Chester Perry to the extraordinary growth of C.P. Company to the boom of Stone Island to the later experiments of ICD and Double Use, illustrating the progress with images of original catalogues, extant magazine editorials, advertising, and archival material such as merchandise, sketches and brand labels.

  4. textile innovations

    This second section closely examines each of Massimo's most important inventions in the world of fabrics, from the epochal industry-shifting intuition of garment dyeing to lesser known early Stone Island fabrics such as JJ23 to the legendary Raso Gommato, Ice Jacket and Reflective, to later high-tech subtleties such as Tecnowool. The section uses not only newly photographed garments from the archive but also fabric swatches, notes for the prototyping department and dye-tests to explain the story of the invention of Sportswear in unprecedented detail.

  5. form and function

    This third section explains Massimo Osti's formal inspirations, the field jackets, parka's, anoraks, deep sea diving suits and capes which he collected and study in order to create a new genre of extraordinary urban hybrids. Beyond the hundreds of photos of individual garments the section includes sketches from personal notebooks, original source material from the studio both printed and actual vintage garments as well as several working models with their original photocopies still attached (a unique working method which is described in detail).

  6. beyond fashion

    The fourth section contains not only original sketches and mock-ups of the famous logos of Stone Island, Boneville and C.P. Company, amongst others, as well as the most important advertising work executed by Massimo for these brands, but also a lesser-known side of the man's work: his political commitment and his many ventures into other professional arenas.

  7. Trade edition

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    Title: Ideas from Massimo Osti
    Author: Daniela Facchinato
    Bilingual edition: English + Italiano
    Format: 25x34 cm
    412 pages, hard cover

    Contributions by/interviews with: Alberto Abruzzese, Angela Baraldi, Stefano Benni, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Franco 'Bifo' Berardi (afterword),
    Stefano Bonaga (foreword), Adriano Caccia, Luca Carboni, Lucio Festi, Moreno Ferrari, Giovanna Furlanetto, Francois Girbaud (foreword), Anna Gobbo, Roberto Grandi, Carlo Grazia, Ariela Goggi, Paul Harvey, Ashley Heath (foreword), Pier Luigi Piana, Bruna Rossi, Gabriele Salvatores, Paul Smith, Franca Sozzani (foreword), Alberto Tomba, Rossella Zanotti, Paolo Zegna (foreword)

    Limited edition

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  8. Limited edition

    Produced in only 150 numbered pieces, the Ideas from Massimo Osti Limited Edition presents a hardback copy of the book hand bound an original Osti fabric (each copy is unique), as well as 150 loose leaf pages of images, almost entirely previously unseen, all housed in a handsome embossed card box.


    150 MORE PAGES


    Included in the Ideas from Massimo Osti Limited Edition is a unique version of the trade edition of the book, hand wrapped in Bologna in an original Osti fabric taken from rolls conserved in the Massimo Osti Archive. These fabrics are predominantly canvas materials with Stone Island, Boneville and C.P. Company screenprint tests but also, mixed in randomly in smaller numbers, a few extremely rare materials from Osti's most iconic designs (Ice Jacket Camouflage, Thermojoint, first season blue Reflective). The book is covered in a screenprinted protective PVC dust jacket.
    An intimate documentary, in the form of 150 images printed on recycled natural offset paper, of a day (or a year, or a month, or a decade) in the life of Massimo Osti's studio, of the designer's daily creative process, of the accumulation of inspirations, ideas, designs, ephemera. These almost entirely previously unseen images have all been culled from papers left in the Studio after Osti's passing, they include photos of the man at work, of his work areas, of his sketches, designs, advertising campaign mock-ups, photocopies of details of vintage garments used as insipiration, and so on. They are presented without explanatory texts other than a small caption on their rearside, unbound, with only a suggested initial order which lightly alludes to the daily rhythms within the Studio over the years.
    Both the specially-wrapped copy of the book and the additional 150 loose-leaf pages are housed in a purpose built natural card box simply decorated with the embossed book title on the front.
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